Where to Buy Pigeon Peas

Where to Buy Pigeon Peas

Where to Buy Pigeon Peas is a question you may have if you are looking for this tasty ingredient found in many Dominican, Bahamian, Puerto Rican Jamaican, African, and Indian stews. It complements rice, meats, and vegetables very well, and is also a hearty ingredient for soups. The green or brown legumes are available whole or split, canned or dried, in some brick and mortar markets, and also for online purchase at several sites.

Where to Buy Pigeon Peas Online

Can I buy Pigeon Peas at Major Grocery Stores?

Depending upon how the supermarket designates this item, you can find pigeon peas in the Spanish or other ethnic foods’ aisle, or where the beans are stocked. While ShopRite, The Fresh Grocer, Albertson’s, and Giant Eagle are some of the big name markets that carry this item, also check with other local major grocers.

Can I buy Pigeon Peas at Ethnic Food Markets?

If there are any ethnic food markets close by, they may be a viable resource, when you’re looking to buy pigeon peas. Since many of these markets sell ingredients in larger quantities than standard cans or one-pound bags, you may also be able to find them in bulk.

Can I buy Pigeon Peas at Warehouse Clubs?

Warehouse clubs are another place to check for this bean. Inventories sometimes vary between regions, so it’s best to check with the membership location that you shop at. BJ’s and Costco, for instance, show product availability through their Instacart service, but delivery areas are limited. But the listing on Instacart means that often you can find these in these warehouse stores if you go to one.

Where to buy Pigeon Peas at Target

Dry and canned varieties can be bought at Target, however purchase options (in-store only, or for delivery), may differ.

Can I buy Pigeon Peas at Walmart?

If you’re having difficulty finding pigeon peas and there’s a Walmart near you, look for them there. You can pick up bagged or canned, in singular or multi-pack options, or have them delivered.

Where to Buy Pigeon Peas Online

You can buy Pigeon Peas at Amazon

Amazon has a broad selection of quantities, with various shipping options, for both whole and split types of pigeon peas. If you have a Prime membership you can have them in 2 days with no shipping charge.

Where to buy Pigeon Peas on Ebay

A general search for “pigeon peas” on Ebay will yield results, but you can also refine that search under the “International Foods” sub-category of “Food & Beverages.” As with many items sold at the auction site, there’s an assortment of quantities, manufacturer name, and bidding options, and shipping fees available.

Online Stores Dedicated to Pigeon Peas

There isn’t an online resource solely dedicated to this item, however there are a couple of web stores that include it with their other specialty items. Find it at nuts.com, under the “Beans, Peas, and Lentils” section, as well as at northbaytrading.com, and at igourmet.com. These sites also feature nutritional information, cooking tips, and suggestions for related products of interest.

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