Where to Buy NYX Cosmetics

Where to Buy NYX Cosmetics

Named for the Greek goddess of night, who was also renowned for her incredible beauty, NYX Cosmetics offers a wide range of solid, cream, liquid, and powder beauty products to enhance eyes, skin, lips, and nails. Established in 1999, the company is now owned by L’Oreal, and has been designated cruelty-free to animals for several years. Colors vary from neutral, moderate, bold, and glam, prices are considered budget-friendly, and some products are also entirely vegan. It’s easy to find a place Where to Buy NYX Cosmetics both online and at a few well-known retailers.

Where to Buy NYX Cosmetics Locally

Can I buy NYX Cosmetics at Department Stores?

Check out the make-up counter at your nearest Macy’s, as well as the make-up sections at your local Urban Outfitters, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond, for their selections of NYX Cosmetics. The health and beauty store, Ulta, also carries this line in their physical locations, and for ordering online.

Can I buy NYX Cosmetics at Drug Stores?

Walgreens and CVS are two drug store chains that include NYX Cosmetics in their inventories. Since make-up selections sometimes vary or are not carried by every location, you may want to look up the one nearest you, and check beforehand.

Can I buy NYX Cosmetics at Walmart?

You can order single NYX Cosmetics or sets from Walmart online, but it looks like the products come from third-party vendors, and are not available at the store or for in-store pick-up.

Can I buy NYX Cosmetics at Target?

Target has a couple of convenient options for purchasing products from this make-up line, including one-time or subscription orders, and free in-store pick-ups.

Where to Buy NYX Cosmetics Online

You can buy NYX Cosmetics at Amazon

Under the “Beauty and Personal Care” section at Amazon, you’ll find an extensive inventory of NYX products. As with Target, Amazon offers single purchase and subscription options for these items, along with recommended add-ons, and free shipping for certain price amounts

You can buy NYX Cosmetics on Ebay

There’s a full array of these items, including eyeshadow palettes, duo lipstick/liners, cream and liquid matte lipsticks, foundations, eyebrow gels, and mascaras available on Ebay, some for free shipping, some at additional charge. The auction site also features make-up guides for this line, which may be of benefit when looking to purchase NYX Cosmetics.

Official NYX Cosmetic Shop

At nyxcosmetics.com, you can find and purchase your favorite body glitter, lip balm, brushes, Super Skinny or Super Fat eye markers, nail polish, make-up remover, blush, retractable lip liner, lashes, Loose Pearl eye shadow, and other essentials for your beauty routine. The site also sells mirrors, travel bags and cases, sharpeners, blending sponges, and other accessories, has a store locator for stand-alone NYX locations, and features links to “Beauty Bar” YouTube tutorial videos.

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