Where to Buy Noosa Yoghurt

Where to Buy Noosa Yoghurt

Last updated on August 2nd, 2023

Noosa Yoghurt is making a name for itself because of its distinctive taste, which replicates a type of yogurt found in Australia. The Colorado-based company incorporates strong probiotics, many local ingredients including honey, and premium ingredients (Madagascar vanilla beans) into their whole milk, non-GMO, product. Flavors, most of which are gluten-free, include classic cherry, strawberry, and mango, “doubles” of caramel and apple, and blueberry and lemon, and “Mates,” like coconut almond chocolate and honey pretzel peanut, which combine the creamy yogurt with crunchy snack foods. Noosa is additionally noted for participating with the Pollinator Partnership and other eco-friendly causes, and for getting involved with local charitable events. Below we list several places Where to Buy Noosa Yoghurt.

Where to Buy Noosa Yoghurt Locally

Can I find this at Grocery Stores?

Definitely look for Noosa Yoghurt in the refrigerated dairy/yogurt section shelves of your supermarket! Although availability may vary according to the regional locations, and smaller “mom and pop” type markets probably will not carry it, check big names such as Giant, Acme, Wegman’s, SuperFresh, Whole Foods, ShopRite and Fresh Grocer.

Can I find Noosa Yoghurt at Bulk Warehouse Stores?

Warehouse aka bulk stores Sam’s Club shows Noosa Yoghurt in their online inventories. Results may vary according to your delivery area, and it may or may not be available in the brick-and-mortar locations, so you may want to check beforehand.

Can I buy Noosa Yoghurt at Walmart?

Although not yet available for online shopping, visit your local Walmart when looking to buy Noosa Yoghurt. They have a broad range of flavors and sizes, available for in-store purchasing. My local superstore is showing 15 different items available now.

Can I buy Noosa Yoghurt at Target?

Target is a source for 4-packs, 5.5-oz Mates, and 8-oz varieties of Noosa Yoghurt. As with Walmart’s inventory, they may only be available through brick and mortar purchases, so check with the location nearest to you. My local Target is showing 9 items.

Where to Buy Noosa Yoghurt Online

Can I get this on eBay?

Oddly enough, Noosa Yoghurt isn’t listed on eBay. New listings are consistently posted on the auction site, so check their “Food and Beverages” section for this item. But at the day of this writing it was not available on eBay

You can buy at Amazon

Check the listings at Amazon, when you’re looking to buy Noosa Yoghurt online. They have a varied selection, including 12 and 24-packs of 4-oz. 12-packs of 8-oz., and 6-packs of 24-oz. tub flavors. Many options are available for free shipping. If you are a Prime member you can also get fast 2 day shipping.

Online Store Dedicated to Noosa Yoghurt

You can go right to the source for this product, by checking out Noosa Yoghurt’s website. Access a store locator, sign up for their “Cream of the Crop” Fan Club, find their social media links and “Swag Shop,” and learn more about their nutritional and product information.

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  1. I absolutely love this yogurt. It’s my new favorite and I anyways have several in my fridge. Raspberry is the best but all are really good.

  2. Je

    Cannot find it 🙁

    It is no longer at Sams or Target➡️only 2 or three pumpkin now. What is going on???
    I live in Las Vegas, NV 89128

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