Where to Buy National Park Passes

Where to Buy National Park Passes

There are a few different national park passes available to the public. You can also get a free national park pass if you are in the military. Fourth graders across the country also qualify for a free national park pass. There is a national park pass at a discounted rate for seniors. People with disabilities also may qualify for the free access pass. Park volunteers get a free national park pass as well. The U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are a part of the National Park system. Keep in mind that all of these national park passes are not transferable. With the below Shopping Guide you can learn where to buy national park passes.

Where to buy National Park passes locally

There is a pdf document on the National Park Service website if you want to know more about these passes. Or you can head to a local national park and purchase your pass in person. The military need to show valid proof in person in order to obtain a free service member pass. Depending on where you are buying passes will determine how many convenient places are nearby. For example, Alabama has 14 different locations to purchase various national park passes. Massachusetts has 13 different federal recreational spots to get a pass. However, some of the parks located in Boston do not offer the senior pass. The number of locations varies per state. Your local city or town office often has brochures for the different recreational parks nearby. Local hotels may be able to do this as well.

Where to buy National Park Passes Online

Can I buy National Park passes at the National Park Service website?

The National Park Service website lets you buy some of the passes directly online. The website also provides links to where to purchases passes at other locations. The passes page on the website contains tons of useful information about the various passes. The regular annual pass is $80 a year. Feel free to purchase this pass by phone during business hours in mountain time. The number is 1-888-275-8747. You can also buy this pass at a location near you. In Maine there is only one location to buy a pass in person. Double check for locations in your state on the website that lists physical locations to purchase your pass. This useful document also lets you know which passes are available. For example, not every location offers the senior pass.

Can I buy a National Pass at Every Kid in a Park?

Yes, you can buy a pass at the Every Kid in a Park website. However, it is only available for fourth graders. The child can attend a regular school or be homeschooled. It doesn’t seem like all fourth grade parents or educators are aware of this great free national pass program for fourth graders. Select the fourth grader option or the educators option depending on your needs. Keep in mind these specific passes need to be printed. No other form of a pass will be accepted. Discover neat places by viewing the the woods, see protected animals and other options on the website before your park visit.

I hope you found this article helpful for finding Where to Buy National Park Passes and can find the passes you need in a convenient location.





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