Where to Buy Money Orders

Where to Buy Money Orders

Where to Buy Money Orders is something you are looking for and you probably need it like yesterday. Sometimes family or friends need cash fast in case of an emergency. Money orders work great for a last minute birthday gift. Luckily, you can purchase money orders at multiple locations in person or even online. This also works out great if you want to pay bills with money orders. So, if you need a quick solution for sending money get a money order today.

Where to Buy Money Orders Locally

Where to buy Money Orders at a USPS Post Office

In both the USA and Canada, you can buy money orders at your local post office. Check your local post office schedule for the hours of operation. Sometimes, post offices can be extremely busy so make sure you give yourself enough time to complete this errand. The USPS offers money orders for a low fee. This website lists the specific fees depending on how much you are trying to send. The limit per money order is $1,000.

Where to buy Money Orders at Canada Post

Here you can find more details about fees and rules regarding Money Orders from Canada Post.

Can I buy Money Orders at CVS?

CVS is one of the chain stores that lets you buy and receive money orders. Other pharmacy stores might also sell money orders. These stores are usually not too busy so they can be a nice place to get a money order.

Can I buy Money Orders at a Bank?

You can buy money orders at your local bank. Compare the bank fees with other money order sellers to ensure you get the best deal. By purchasing a money order from your bank, you can also do any other banking needs at the same time. Remember not every bank is open seven days a week. So, if you need a money order after hours, you may need to go somewhere else or do it online. This might be a good option also if you need a larger amount than $1000 or want it made to be only valid to give to a specific person and put their name on the cashiers check.

Can I buy Money Orders at the Grocery Store?

Some grocery stores do have the option to buy money orders at a customer service center inside the store. However, it does depend on the store. Not every grocery store has this option. Call the grocery store you go to and check if they offer money orders.

Can I buy Money Orders at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart is another place to easily purchase a money order. This store has MoneyGram money orders. Luckily, Walmart has numerous locations throughout America and Canada.

Where to Buy Money Orders Online?

Yes, you can buy money orders online from MoneyGram and Western Union. It can take a few minutes to do this type of transaction online. Typically, you need to create an account. Purchasing a money order online from either company provides you with extra security. In addition to any receipt, you also get proof of purchase on your debit or credit card statement.

For maximum security only send money orders to people you know and trust.
MoneyGram describes approximately 40,000 different in person locations.

Where to Buy Money Orders at Western Union

You may want to look at Western Union’s website to learn more about their products and where you can get their services.

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