Where to Buy Minion Tic Tacs

Where to Buy Minion Tic Tacs

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023

If you are a fan of the Minion movies and like the refreshing taste of Tic Tacs you may be wondering where to buy Minion Tic Tacs. Minion movie fans can buy these unique tic tacs in person and online. However, we recommend getting this specialty product now before it is discontinued.

Where to Buy Minion Tic Tacs Locally

Can I find these at CVS or Walgreens?

Unfortunately, neither store carries this branded product at this time. Normal Tic Tacs? Sure but not these cute ones. The candy inventory does not always stay the same at either store.

Can I find these Tic Tacs at Walmart?

You can only order these specialty tic tacs online. Walmart did sell this through a third party seller. There was only one item for sale. But not any longer. These were limited editions and a food product. People ate them or they became expired.

Can I find at Five Below?

You need to check your local store for this candy. Five Below occasionally carries limited edition candy like this one. Five Below has a few aisles dedicated to candy.

Can I purchase Minion Tic Tacs at local convenience stores?

Sometimes, it is possible to find these tasty treats at your local convenience stores. Check in person or call ahead of time to see if they have it on their shelves.

Can I buy Minion Tic Tacs at Toys R US?

It does not seem like you can buy them from the website. However, it is possible to purchase these tic tacs from the candy section at some locations. Check for this product near the registers.

Where to Buy Minion Tic Tacs Online

Can I find them at Amazon?

Amazon used to sell products under a Minion Tic Tacs keyword search. However, I no longer see them at all. I do not see any at all. If you do please leave a comment below.

Can I buy Minion Tic Tacs at Ebay?

Ebay currently has the best selection of Minion Tic Tac products. Luckily, the top search items do not have random products mixed it like other marketplaces. Check out the review to ensure you purchase from a quality seller. Some of these products include fast and free shipping options. The prices and product size vary. Some sellers only have a limited supply left. Some of them say they are from 2015. Obviously you probably do not want to eat them. If you are giving them to a child maybe you empty the cute container and replace them with new ones before giving it to them if you think they will eat them. But that will destroy the collectible status. Your call!

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Minion Tic Tacs and that you find these cute and delicious mints at a store you like. If you liked this article please see our Food Shopping Guides.





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