Where to Buy Mason Jars

Where to Buy Mason Jars

Last updated on August 14th, 2023

If you are looking for containers you may be wondering Where to Buy Mason Jars. They began as a practical way to save and preserve pickled food and jams. Nowadays they’re used as hipster glasses of wine, receptacles for foods of all kinds, and as parts of various crafts. They can even be used to store leftover food or as lunch containers. No matter why you need them, here are a few places where you can buy them. Note that some retailers call them “canning jars” as they are often used for canning food to last a long time.

Where to Buy Mason Jars Locally

Sam’s Club

Mason jars were available at bulk stores such as Sam’s Club. But I don’t see them on their website now. If you are a member here and if they have them please leave a comment below.

Can Get them at K-Mart?

Yes, K-Mart has mason jars available in many sizes and at a reasonable cost. They carry not only common shapes, but elegantly shaped ones suitable for decorative projects and crafts.

Can buy mason jars at a Publix?

Publix sells mason jars at a reasonable prices. If you’re lucky you may even get a discount for them when a coupon is made available. Best of all, you can conveniently purchases groceries there while buying your glass containers. They carry a lot of items from Ball which is the manufacturer most people are familiar with.

Can I buy mason jars at Walmart?

WalMart sells them at great prices and in different sizes. If you don’t care to get lost in the big box store, you can also purchase online and get your order delivered or do store pick-up so you can avoid waiting in long lines.

Can I buy mason jars at Target?

Target carries many in various colors and sizes. Some of the styles available are decorative, and customers can purchase them in bulk or individually. Target also sells some only in its stores, which is great for customers who want something more quickly. Target also ships.

Where to Buy Mason Jars Online

Fillmore Containers

Stores such as Fillmore Container specialize in containers of all kinds, including mason jars. They sell sizes that aren’t as common and even sell the rings that seal them, which is perfect for when you lose one. They have a lot of wholesale and bulk quantities. So if you are a food packager this is a good place to get many at a good deal.


MasonJars.com is also one of the best places to buy them online. They also provide craft ideas for adults and children. With that domain this is about all they sell.

Get them on Amazon

Mason jars are available at Amazon from various vendors and in 10oz, 16oz and other sizes. Stickers, labels, and other accessories are also available so that customers can decorate their containers. Many retailers even provide free shipping or it might be at Amazon so you can get it shipped super fast.

You can Find on Ebay

Ebay sells new, used, and custom mason jars. Some vendors even sell only lids or rings to seal them. The website also includes helpful blog posts for craft ideas as well as the history of this glassware.

Can I get Mason Jars on Etsy?

These reusable containers are available on Etsy. Many of the retailers on Etsy also sell customized ones with stickers, straws, or with painted designs. Some retailers even converted them to be soap dispensers or lanterns.

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