Where to Buy Manic Panic

Where to Buy Manic Panic

You might be wondering where to Buy Manic Panic if you happen to be an “avid hair-dyer”, love to go the salon, or just are completely obsessed with all things having to do with hair, I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard the name manic panic time or two. Manic panic is a semi-permanent hair that contains a variety conditioners which moisturize and plays a fill in additive to hair that was previously lightened. Manic Panic comes in a variety of colors so whether you want to try electric tiger this week and blue steel next month, the choice of colors are endless. You will never get bored with this trendy product! Below we cover several stores that usually carry Manic Panic.

Where to Buy Manic Panic Locally

Where to Buy Manic Panic at Sally’s Beauty Supply

You can find the manic panic product at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply or at their online equivalent. They have a few different types including the “Amplified” line which is more intense and vibrant colors.

Where to Buy Manic Panic at Walmart

If you are not into traveling distances to find hair products, you can always depend on good ole’ Walmart to have what you need, at a price that you can afford. AS of this writing we are seeing that some is available at a local store but more is available online

You can get Manic Panic at Hot Topic

Along with the latest trends in fashion, Hot Topic also carries the funky dye on its shelves. I am seeing 17 products online and 6 that are usually found in their stores.

Can you Purchase Manic Panic at Walgreens?

No it does not appear that Manic Panic is sold at Walgreens.

Where to Buy Manic Panic Online

Where to Buy Manic Panic on Amazon

It appears there is over 800 items that are on Amazon that are related to Manic Panic.

You can get some Manic Panic on Ulta

The Ulta stores and website may have the Manic Panic color dye you are looking for.

Where to Buy Manic Panic on eBay

Ebay has listings for hundreds of Manic Panic items as of this writing. You should check the sellers reviews to see if people are satisfied with what they are getting from the seller.

Where to Buy Manic Panic on Zumiez

This store Zumiez has a lot of Manic Panic items as well. We are seeing 20 items including lip gloss and body jewels.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Manic Panic and can find the style products you are looking for.





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