Where to Buy Levi's

Where to Buy Levi’s

If you are thinking of your favorite jeans you probably are wondering Where to Buy Levi’s. Between my husband I, our personal favorite brand of jeans is… Levis. When it comes to durable reliability and comfort we know to buy Levis and it’s no wonder… since 1853 Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss has perfected how denim has been worn. From the hardworking man to today’s multi-functional fashion trends, Levi’s have always been known for satisfying their customers needs and wants when it comes to denim. If you’re curious about the history behind the Levi Strauss brand you can visit their website, under the history and heritage page.

So it comes to no surprise to me, that you’re on the hunt for the best places to buy Levis. Whether you enjoy the rich smell and feel of brand new cloths in person or the convenience of browsing the internet… you have a fairly good selection of choices for where to buy Levis.

Where to Buy Levi’s Locally

Where to Get Cheap Levi’s

If you’re shopping for Levis on a budget, then I have a few great places for you to shop for Levis. Starting with your local Goodwill, Thriftstores or my personal favorite… TJ Maxx or Ross!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much time I spend at these stores, when I am hunting for treasures at good prices… but let’s just call it – a lot. Often if you’re patient and don’t mind doing alittle digging, you can find Levis tucked away in between some off brand of jeans.

Where to Buy Levi’s at Macy’s or JcPenny?

You sure can!
You will find a wide selection of Levis for the whole family at nationwide retail stores like Macy’s, JCPenney and Kohls. And to suit your shopping preference you can buy Levis on their online websites or in the store. In some case the online sites have more flexibility of shades and denim style vs in store.

Where to Buy Levi’s at Target or Walmart?

That’s a double yes on that one.

Levis are such a huge brand that now they are available – just about everywhere you look including Target. I will note this though, I have found that the Levi brand for Walmart is alittle… not so Levi. The denim in the Walmart Levis doesn’t seem to hold up to the standard that we know and trust from the Levi brand. Just food for thought. They tend to be a sub-brand of Levi’s called Signature

Can you buy Levis from Runnings or Tractor Supply?

Yes & No. We just recently had a Runnings store built in our local area, if you’ve never been in one – it’s like Tractor Supply… but bigger. Which is why I was surprised that you can’t find Levis at Runnings, but you can purchase Levis from Tractor Supply. TractorSupply.com even has some Levis clearanced and on sale.

Where to Buy Levi’s Online

Where to Buy Levi’s on Amazon.com?

There are quite a few options for Levi’s on Amazon.com. They also have dedicated page to Levi’s where you can find selections for men, women, and children.

How about one of our favorite ecommerce websites…Ebay.com

You bet!. Infact when it comes to shopping for jeans online, especially Levis my go to website is always Ebay. The hard part with finding Levis on Ebay, is finding your size and shade of denim. But if you keep your eyes peeled you’ll find the ones you like.

Can you get Levi’s on Etsy?

When searching for some deeply discounted Levis I was surprised to find a hidden source for Levis…Etsy.com! Some are customized and others are not. So you can look for the perfect pair in your size and weathered how you wish.

Where to Buy Levi’s Directly from Levi Strauss

Lastly, of course – you can buy Levis directly from.. Levi Strauss. If you go on their website and subscribe to their newsletter… you will get notified when they do their yearly warehouse sale! That’s the time of year to stock up on your denim fashion, because they often have deep discounts of 75%-80% off BRAND NEW LEVIS!! And while you wait you can checkout their “Sale” page.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Levi’s and that you can find the perfect pair for the shade and fit you are looking for.





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