Where to Buy Hubcaps

Where to Buy Hubcaps

Hubcaps are a lot of fun to look at. They are available in so many different sizes and shapes. Now, how much fun you want to have with them is totally up to you. When you find hubcaps calling out to you, there’s no denying that there’s some instant attraction. But are hubcaps all about the looks or do you really need them? In this article we help you decide Where to Buy Hubcaps.

The first question you should be asking is do you really need hubcaps? The simple answer for this is can you afford them or do you want to buy rims that do need a hubcap? If you can afford them and do not want to buy new rims without hubcaps, then you are in the right place. You can find a lot of variety at online accessory retailers. They aren’t very expensive and can be quite stylish too.

An excellent set of hubcaps can help make a cool fashion statement with your car and allow it to stand out from the rest. Some people choose chrome while others prefer to go with boring black hubcaps.

Some designs are quite simple and understated, meant for business professionals while others make your car look like it is fresh out of a spectacular Transformers movie which they all are. Then there are the abstract or free form designs which look like they were made from alien technology. Basically, the tastes are varied and wide.

As far as hubcaps are concerned, size really does matter. In fact, it matters the most. Once you figure out what type of hubcaps you want, it’s vital to get the measurements right, or the hubcaps won’t fit or worse, fall off while you’re driving. The best way to measure your wheel cover size is to check the size of your tires. You will find a code on your tire starting with the letter “R.” There’ll be a number after it like 15″, 16″, etc. This is the size of your wheel cover, and that’s the size of hubcaps you need to get.

Nowadays there is no shortage of variety when it comes to hubcaps, and the Internet is obviously the first place you should start looking. Here are a few options where you can find a large variety of hubcaps to choose from. They are all salient and vibrant retail options, so you don’t have to worry while shopping from any of them:

Where to Buy Hubcaps Locally

Your Car Dealers Parts Department

Not all cars have hubcaps as now some have aluminum rims. But if your car has a set of wheels that requires hubcaps they probably are original equipment for the car and your parts department can order you one or even a full set. If you call or drop in your closest parts department they can confirm that they can get them for you. They may even have some in stock.

Where to Buy Hubcaps at a Salvage Yard

Another good local option is a salvage yard that has an assortment of cars like yours that they are parting out. This is a good option if you want a lower cost option and don’t mind slightly used hubcaps. Most modern hubcaps are plastic and do not rust. Just review the backside and make sure that the attachment points are not loose or broken.


If you aren’t willing to wait for Amazon to deliver your hubcaps to you, Walmart is a good bet. They are the largest retail store chain, and you will find a lot of hubcap options with them. It’s just a matter of taking out the time and hopping on the website to look or driving to the actual store. Though you will have many more options using the site. These are not the exact same hubcaps as your car came with so if you are looking for that look you should look elsewhere.

Where to Buy Hubcaps Online

You can buy hubcaps on eBay

If Amazon isn’t working out for you, then eBay is another choice you have left. You will find an even bigger collection of hubcaps here, and you can even come across some profound deals if you’re lucky. So start searching today.


Is there anything you don’t get at Amazon? Guess not. Even when it comes to buying hubcaps, Amazon is one the best places for you. You get a wide choice, and you can choose from OEM or aftermarket hubcaps. You can’t go wrong with Amazon with easy returns.

Hubcaps.com has over 1 million hubcaps

There are a few companies that specialize in hubcaps and one of them is Hubcaps.com. They mention on their website that they have over 1 million hubcaps and the videos sure seem like that might be true.

Where to Buy Hubcaps on WheelCovers.com

Wheelcovers.com has lots of options and have aluminum rims as well if you want to consider changing from a steel wheel with hubcaps to an all aluminum rim.
We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Hubcaps and can find the wheel covers that matches your car and your style.





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