Where to Buy Herbes de Provence

Where to Buy Herbes de Provence

Garden fresh herbs are a great addition to any meal. In several regions there are herbs that are often used and often used together. In the Provence area of France there is a mixture like that. It is made of savory, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, oregano, lavender and other herbs. This natural blend provides exceptional flavor to soups, stews, poultry and fish. The variety of seasonings that make up this special product help to bring out the taste and flavor in many recipes. There are several stores that keep this savory blend in stock. Before you run out of the herbal mix, here are several stores where to buy Herbes de Provence.

Where to Buy Herbes de Provenance Locally

You can often get this in Grocery Stores

At better grocery stores I have seen this mixture prepackaged and ready to use. It is much more convenient and cheaper than buying all these herbs separately.

Where to Buy Herbes de Provenance Online


Herbco offers the product in two different sizes. It can be purchased in ¼ and 1-pound quantities. The mixture is used for food preparation and to provide a fascinating taste. The herbs in the product have been cut and then sifted for easy use. This item has been used for many years and had been named after its French heritage. The store is a recommended place to find this specific seasoning blend.

Spice Jungle

The Spice Jungle store has a large selection of Herbs de Provence. There wide range of the seasoning mixture allows customers to buy in different quantities for their convenience. The organic product comes in several different purchasing options. It is available in one and four-ounce containers for smaller food preparation needs. The item is also able to be bought in one, five, ten, and twenty-five-pound containers for everyday use in meals and recipes. The herbal store offers the product in different amounts and provides consumers with a bigger scale of quantity selection.


Williams-Sonoma is another good option to shop when looking to purchase this herbal seasoning. It can be purchased in many different options from standard kitchen use to fancy gift sets. It is a great accent to the kitchen and can make a great gift idea for friends and family. You can order online and have this sent to one of their stores if one is close to you.

Where to Buy Herbes de Provenence on Amazon

The Amazon store is a great place to shop for this herb blend. The herbal seasoning can be purchased in a variety of sizes and grades. The product comes in bottles from large to small. This ready to use blend offers a delightful French taste. It will have friends and family wanting your recipe. You can also get fast free 2 day shippping if you are a Prime member.

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