Where to Buy Geckobot

Where to Buy Geckobot

Where to Buy Geckobot is something that many people are thinking about this holiday season. Geckobots are a toy that even parents will think are cool. A Geckobot is a great way for a child to have fun as they build their very own robot lizard that can actually climb walls! Engineering, science and problem solving are all needed here to build the Geckobot and the various other bots that this set can make. Of course as this is such a popular toy it can be hard to track one down. Actually hunting a real gecko in the jungle is probably easier! But do not worry as we are here to help your purchasing of a Geckobot be that little bit easier, so put down the bait and the catchers net and read on.

Where to Buy Geckobot At Toys R Us?

This will most likely be one of the first places you look and you are in luck. Toys R Us do sell the Geckobot and at a pretty reasonable price too. They allow you to order it online and have it shipped to your house. Or you can pick up from a local store. This is actually a good thing as if a toy becomes very popular sometimes, Toys R Us will make it unavailable for home delivery. This way you can check your local Toys R Us and those near to your family members as well and hopefully still pick one up.

Where to Buy Geckobot At Walmart?

Walmart do have the Geckobot and at the same price as Toys R Us. But they are asking an extra five bucks for the shipping. So that is something to keep in mind. Also as we looked around Walmart’s Geckobot page, we noticed that they do not actually have them listed as being available for store pickup. We have seen this with some other toys on Walmart so it is nothing to be worried about. Just understand that you will most likely have to get this shipped to you and pay a little extra also.

Can I Buy A Geckobot At Amazon?

In our search for the elusive Geckobot (yes we were dressed like Steve Irwin as we searched!) we noticed that Amazon were the cheapest by a few bucks. One of the things that makes purchasing your Geckobot from Amazon something to consider is that if you have not used it already. You can get a free trial to Amazon Prime. This actually scores you free and fast shipping. Which can come in handy if you need to get this ASAP as most of the other online stores will not guarantee you a delivery time like Amazon will.

Where to Buy A Geckobot On EBay

Of course many people will go to EBay to see if they can save a few bucks on a Geckobot and if you get lucky you may be able to do this. We had a look and there was some available for auction. But the majority of them were Buy It Now and we did not see a single one that was priced lower than what you would be paying at one of the major retailers, especially when you consider the added on shipping that most of these have. Still if you are not desperate for a Geckobot. Then looking on EBay and just waiting until the right priced Geckobot appears could save you a few bucks.

You Can Buy A Geckobot At Your Local Toy Store

If you live in an area that still has a toy store that is a fun little mom and pop style store then first of all we are jealous. But also this is a great place to go and look for a Geckobot. In all honesty, we do not think you are going to get a Geckobot any cheaper than what the major retailers are selling them for. But if you can get one for the same price and you want to support your local business then there is nothing wrong with that.

Can you Buy A Geckobot at the Manufacturer Website?

The toymaker for the Geckobot is award winning company Thames & Kronos and they have an informative website for this and their other toys. It is a great place to get more information and to read the instructions to see if how this actually works is what you think and better gauge if it is age appropriate for your children. The official Geckobot page also shows the list of awards this is being considered for.

12/15/2016 Update – This is showing Out of Stock and the Thames & Kronos website.

Tips For Buying A Geckobot

We really have not seen much in the way of price difference with Geckobots. The main area that might cost you more is shipping. So be sure to see who is offering the best rates or even free shipping.
Bundle! We do not mean buy a whole swarm of Geckobots to overthrow city hall. But if you cannot find a retailer that offers free shipping on just this item. Some retailers will offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount. If it is close to someone’s birthday or Christmas. Have a think about buying more items at the same time you purchase the Geckobot. You may in the long run actually save money on shipping.
Geckobot while a really cool toy does not have a license like Star Wars, Marvel or Disney so if you can wait it out this to us does seem like the kind of toy that will drop in price, quicker than you would think.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Geckobot and can find the mechanical amphibian of your dream.





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