Where to Buy Enlightened Ice Cream

Where to Buy Enlightened Ice Cream

At last, you can finally have ice cream which makes you feel just as good as it tastes. Enlightened ice cream is packed with fiber and protein while also being low in calories, sugar, and fat. But, despite all of this, it is absolutely delicious and creamy. There are some reason you may want to consider this brand of ice cream.

Low Glycemic Index

This ice cream is the perfect choice for people who are suffering from diabetes. This food is low on the glycemic index thanks to barely having any sugar content and containing loads of fiber and protein. As a result of this, the ice cream doesn’t cause any spikes or crashes in blood sugar which are quite common with all the other products you would find in the ice cream aisle in a supermarket.

Low in Calories

This ice cream is sweetened using erythritol and monk fruit. These are zero calories, all-natural sweeteners which do their job perfectly. The ice cream is low in calories, sugar, and fat while being packed with fiber and protein; do you really think it’s like normal ice cream? You can enjoy it for lunch, breakfast, dinner, or any time in between too. Though you do not want to eat this all day every day, you need to vary up your food intake. There is nothing wrong with some of this ice cream occasionally.

Gluten and lactose

All these flavors of ice cream are free from gluten. So you don’t even have to worry about gluten intolerance while eating it.

Below we cover some of the places to get this brand of ice cream.

Where to Buy Enlightened Ice Cream Locally

Where to Buy Enlightened Ice Cream at Grocery Stores

Quite a few grocery stores carry Enlightened Ice Cream. So you may find it at one of your usual grocery store. In a following section we show you a store locator that will help you find it in a store near you.

Where to Buy Enlightened Ice Cream at Whole Foods

It is probably not too surprising that Whole Foods has Enlightened Ice Cream. In past articles we have discussed Nadamoo, So Delicious, and Halo Top. Whole Foods has a nice selection of low-calorie and dairy free ice cream treats.

Where to Locate Other Enlightened Ice Cream Retailers

When it comes to finding out where to buy this ice cream, you could go online and visit the Enlightened ice cream website. Here, you will find all the information you need regarding the stores near you. You can also see all the types and flavors of ice cream they make.
If you’re not the kind of person who likes shopping at brick and mortar stores, you can even buy the ice cream online from the website itself.

Where to Buy Enlightened Ice Cream Online

Where to Buy Enlightened on Ice Cream Source

Ice Cream Source is as it names implies a source for ice cream even for brands and types you cannot find locally. They sell a lot of popular brands including Enlightened. They ship ice cream in a frozen state that stays cold with dry ice.

Where to Buy Enlightened on Amazon

If you prefer the Amazon platform you can also find Enlightened here as well. One of the suppliers on Amazon is Ice Cream Source which we highlighted in the paragraph above. You may want to consider the pricing and shipping to decide which way you want to order.

Getting your hands on this ice cream is not hard at all. That’s a positive aspect because once you eat them, you will want to have them all the time (again though, you do not want eat several of these every day – the human body likes variation). They could become a part of your life. So order some or rush to a store near you today to try some.

We hope you enjoyed this article on Where To Buy Enlightened Ice Cream and can find this unique battery size at a store that you like.





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  1. Shauna

    So….where can I buy Enlightened Ice Cream?

  2. Hi Shauna,
    I suggest rereading the article as there are several options in the blue links. If you are not sure please try the Enlightened store locator: https://www.eatenlightened.com/pages/store-locator-new
    Good Luck

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