Where to Buy Dry Ice

Where to Buy Dry Ice

Where to Buy Dry Ice may be a question you have if you are looking to preserve food without making it waterlogged. Or maybe you are making a science experiment. Dry ice is occasionally referred to as “cardice”. It is the solid form of carbon dioxide primarily used as a cooling agent. If you need accelerated plant growth, asphalt cooling, bed bug removal,  camping, carbonate liquids, chemotherapy, containment tank repair/removal, seed and grains preservative, car dent removal, skin imperfections removal, dry ice blasting, fog visual effect, killer of clothes moths, etc, then you need to know where to buy an affordable dry ice.

Where to Buy Dry Ice at Local Grocery Stores

One very important place to look is a general merchandise store as well as local grocery. Some stores that sell dry ice include Walmart, Safeway, and Costco. It is very important though to pick up dry ice very close to the time you will need it because it constantly changes from solid to gas. You might need to be 18 years old and above to purchase it.

Can you buy Dry Ice in WholeFoods Grocery Store?

This last Halloween I had checked if I could get Dry Ice at Wholefoods and you cannot buy dry ice there. They are a nice grocery store with lots of imported, organic and gluten-free foods but they do not sell dry ice. They do however offer ice packs if you are buying cold or frozen items when you are are the register.

Can buy Dry Ice at Continental Carbonic

Continental Carbonic has well over 35 locations across Canada and the United States. You check here for the complete list of locations or simply use the locator to find your nearest location. Delivery is fast and every detail needed will be provided. Do not forget, Dry ice is -109º F, cold enough to freeze skin cells and cause injury that is related to a burn. So, do not allow skin contact with dry ice, use protective gloves.

Can by Dry Ice at Dry Ice Delivered

Dry Ice Delivered ship dry ice to wherever you are in the United States. Just logon to their site, Click ORDER NOW and select the amount you need. Do not forget to check shipping options. The most interesting thing is they add an adequate amount of dry ice to the shipment so as to make up for what is lost during the process of moving it to your location. https://www.dryicedelivered.com

Can buy Dry Ice from CeeKay (www.ceekay.com/dry-ice/)

Cee Kay, located in St.Louis, not only supply but also manufacture Dry Ice. They are the only manufacturer and distributor in the state of Missouri.  They are able to meet customers’ needs through their customized dry ice sizing and packages depending on the requirement. You may need to call ahead if you are ordering large quantity.

Can buy Dry Ice from Prazair

Praxair offer dry ice in concentrations closer to 100%. With Praxair, you do not need to worry yourself; they develop the right grades. Just give them a call and they will make the best supply decision for your operations.

You can by Dry Ice from the Iceman

If you need Dry Ice across the GTA, then look no further, The Iceman will deliver it to you anywhere around the world as they offer worldwide shipping services. With their trained customer service representatives, all you needs will be met in due time. Their customer service phone line is (416-504-6615.). They offer in-house dry ice shipping services in the US, Canada and just about to anywhere in the world.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Dry Ice and can find someplace either locally or online that will get you the dry ice you need at a price you like.





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