Where to Buy Dippin Dots

Where to Buy Dippin Dots

Last updated on August 14th, 2023

If you like trying new ice cream treats you might be wondering where to buy Dippin Dots. Everyone loves ice cream, even people who are watching their weight will indulge occasionally. There are a vast array of ice cream options available to the public, with weird flavors and frozen yogurt being in the top varieties. The most intriguing kind of ice cream, though, is Dippin Dots. This particular brand of ice cream goes beyond what most people recognize as ice cream and creates an entirely unique product for people to enjoy. This brand is small ice cream balls perfectly sized for snacking. They come in a range of flavors, and each is just as delicious as the last. The predominant question on people’s minds is, where does one acquire such a tasty treat?

Where to Buy Dippin Dots Locally

There are a few places you are more likely to find Dippin Dots locally. They are unique and not all places will carry them. Everyday places like a convenience store or grocery store will not carry these. They are slightly expensive and niche. They are not available everywhere. We have found several places that are more likely to have them.

Can Get Dippin Dots at a Carnival or Amusement Park

One of the best places to get Dippin Dots is at your local carnival attraction or theme park. These events are known for their entrancing food items, like elephant ears and funnel cake, and it is no surprise that something as uniquely delightful as mini ice cream dots are available at fun-filled locations. The appeal of these freeze dried treats is so strong that the majority of theme parks offer them as their own stand at several spots throughout the grounds.

You can get Dippin Dots at Movie Theaters & Malls

Though popcorn is seen as the go-to movie treat, Dippin Dots is fast approaching as the most popular snack item. It is sold in theaters for movie-goers to enjoy while enraptured in a phenomenal film, as well as in malls while customers are walking around shopping. They are often sold in a more convenient fashion in these locations, with their own freezer available for public use. The individuals can purchase their dots at the counter, but they have the option of selecting from a wide array of flavors themselves.

You can find them Dippin Dots at Stadiums & Arenas

Certain venues are actually known for selling Dippin Dots, like sports stadiums. These spectacularly popular places offer concessions for games, typically including hot dogs and nachos, but sports spectators get the opportunity to buy not only a foam finger but also their favorite flavor of finger food ice cream for the entire family to enjoy. Arenas are also a great place for people to find them, because the sponsored events often use popular products to appeal to a broader spectrum of potential audience members. This makes Dippin Dots an incredibly beneficial option for hosts and attendees alike.

Use the Store Locator to find closest Dippin Dots retailer

Dippin Dots has a store locator on their site that may help you find a place near to you that has this freeze dried treat. You can search by city name or your zip code. When I search I can see that they are not at grocery stores and I would have to drive 100 miles to find them. You might want to order online below.

Where to Find Them Online

Check out their official Website

There is an official website by the company and above you listed that they have a store locator. They also sell the Dots themselves and if you need flavors or sizes you cannot get elsewhere you can order from the Dippin Dots website. They ship them with dry ice to get them to you cold enough to stay tasty.

Shop Dippin Dots on eBay

There are quite a variety of items on Ebay in the trademark. Some are balls of delicious ice cream but others are makers, and parts for the makers. They have dispensers and trays for making your own. We have not used one of these kits so I am not sure how easy they are to use so please purchase carefully.

Amazon has them too

Amazon has many sellers that have Dippin Dots as of this writing. There are 46 different items you can choose from. They include larger items that you may want for resale or restaurant use. And if you have Amazon Prime you can get them shipped to you with 2 day shipping.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Dippin Dots and can find this unique ice cream treat from a store you like. Check out our Food Shopping category for more cool food ideas.





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