Where to Buy Daiya Cheese

Where to Buy Daiya Cheese

Daiya Cheese is dairy, gluten, and soy free, making you wonder Where to Buy Daiua Cheese. It is a perfect food for those with certain intolerances or allergies, as well as for those who eat a vegan diet. Buying Daiya Cheese means they can enjoy the rich, creamy taste of cheese without infringing on any of their medical issues or philosophies. Daiya Cheese may be enjoyed on its own or melted over a medley of freshly grilled vegetables. The possibilities are endless. Daiya Cheese is made in Canada, and is noted for being one of the only vegan cheeses that actually melt. This is a welcome delicacy for many who eat these special diets.

Where to Buy Daiya Cheese Locally

Can I Buy Daiya Cheese at Local Grocery Stores?

Many local grocery stores now carry Daiya products. Check with your local grocery store to see if they specifically sell Daiya Cheese. A conversation with the store manager can often result in them carrying a product you’d like to buy.

Where to Buy Daiya Cheese on Whole Foods

Whole Foods Markets carries Daiya Cheese. If there is one in your city or town, you’re in luck. They have Daiya cheese usually but do not have a great website so you cannot find this on their site above.

Can I Buy Daiya Cheese at Walmart?

Although Walmart sells some Daiya products—namely their mac and cheese dishes—they don’t yet carry Daiya Cheese. As with the grocery stores, a call or in-person conversation with your local Walmart store manager can’t hurt when trying to convince them to carry Daiya Cheese.

Can I Buy Daiya Cheese at Target?

Like Walmart, Target only sells a few Daiya Cheese products. Since they carry a few things within the brand, it’s possible they may one day carry more.

Use the Daiya Cheese Store Locator

There is a Daiya website Store Locator that will tell you exactly which stores stock Daiya cheese near you. You can locate the closest store by entering your city or zip code. Also while you are there you can look at the full product lineup that you may be looking for.

Where to Buy Daiya Cheese Online

Where to Buy Daiya Cheese at Amazon

Amazon.com sells Daiya Cheese as one of their Prime Pantry offerings. They will ship the cheese, along with any additional groceries you choose, directly to your front door.

Where to get Daiya Cheese from Instacart Whole Foods

If you are in an area where Instacart has their service you can be ordering from Whole Foods but getting them delivered to your home.

VeganEssentials.com Sells Daiya Cheese

VeganEssentials.com is an online health food store that sells Daiya Cheese. Check out their selections. Also be sure to read their policy with regard to shipping refrigerated items.

Hopefully these choices will make it easier for you know Where to Buy Daiya Cheese and you enjoy it.





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