Where to Buy Crawfish

Where to Buy Crawfish

Where to Buy Crawfish is something that you might wondering if you are looking to enjoy these freshwater crustaceans. The holidays mean a lot of things to people; the gathering of family and friends, the exchanging of gifts, celebrating religious festivals. And food. The holidays mean eating a lot of good tasting food.

For some people that would include crawfish. While it is a popular seafood in the state of Louisiana, people all over the country have grown to love it. Whether you are boiling live or frozen crawfish, the first issue is getting them. And if you aren’t fishing for them, you need to go out and buy them.

There are a few places that you can buy crawfish.

Where to Buy Crawfish Locally?

You can get Crawfish at Grocery Stores

Chances are good that you can buy crawfish locally. Most grocery stores have a frozen food section, where crawfish would be kept. Either as a whole crawfish or just the tail meat would be the choices available to you. However, not every grocery store is going to have the capacity to house live crawfish for those people that want to boil their own. Grocery stores in larger centers will have space for live seafood, so they may have fresh crawfish.

That being said, crawfish are a seasonal seafood item. The season goes from December to July. The time in between may limit your crawfish choices to only the frozen variety.

Where to Buy Crawfish At Walmart?

Yes, you can buy crawfish at Walmart. Whether you are looking for just the meat or the crawfish as a whole, Walmart has what you are hungry for. Be careful and read the package before you buy, though. Walmart has a vary of crawfish, from boiled and peeled to seasoned, from breaded crawfish balls to jumbo crawfish.

Variety and availability will change depending on the size of the Walmart you visit, and where you live. Obviously, people living closer to the source of crawfish will have more options than those that live inland.

If your local Walmart doesn’t have what you are looking for, consider their website. The same variety in a store is available online. Be forewarned. While the Walmart website does show that you can buy some crawfish products there, check closely. They may say “In Store Only.”

Can I Buy Crawfish At Target?

Target does have plenty of seafood that you buy, in store or online. However, you cannot buy crawfish from Target.

Where to Buy Crawfish Online

Can I Buy Crawfish On Amazon?

Yes, you can buy crawfish on Amazon.

The variety is almost endless for crawfish, as is the reality for most things on Amazon. With numerous filters to narrow down your choice, you’ll be able to get exactly what you are looking for. If you want a certain name brand or want to limit your calorie intake, Amazon has the crawfish to satisfy your need.

Be aware that there are some links on Amazon that take you straight through to the retailers themselves. In these cases, Amazon is acting as a facilitator, rather than a retailer. This may be to your benefit if the retailer has more options listed or other products you wish to buy with your crawfish.

Where Else Can I Buy Crawfish Online?

Since 1985, Louisiana Crawfish Co. has been offering the highest quality product, at the best price, with the greatest customer service. With over 1.5 million pounds of crawfish shipped, they clearly have what crawfish eaters are wanting.

Offering you crawfish live, boiled, or just the tails, Louisiana Crawfish Co. can fill your personal or professional crawfish needs with ease.

They will not ship internationally, but do ship to all 50 states. Make sure that you check your state legislation doesn’t have any laws about the shipping of live crawfish (Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and Michigan prohibit live crawfish shipping).

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Crawfish and get this freshwater shellfish you are craving.





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  1. Shane DeFord

    Hi! I’m currently in Pascagoula for work and would like to find a good place to buy crawfish (live) and some other types of seafood to take home to Indiana. Where -in your opinion- would be a good place in SE Louisiana? Thanks!

    1. I think one of the above places is the best bet. They have regional shipping to where you are. You might want to check if you can transport them by plane if that is how you are moving them. Here is the link: http://www.lacrawfish.com/Regional-Shipping-C145.aspx

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