Where to Buy Coconut Oil

Where To Buy Coconut Oil

If you are trying to make a new, hip recipe like bulletproof coffee you may be wondering Where to Buy Coconut Oil. Coconut oil has become a popular item for cooking for its naturally healthy fats, high smoking point and great mild taste. It is an important commodity to have in your kitchen and is available at many stores. Usually, coconut oil comes in two varieties:
Virgin coconut oil
Refined coconut oil

You can use the first type for many purposes. For instance, you can apply it to your hair as it is beneficial against dry scalp and dandruff. Coconut oil can also be used as for massaging over your body. You can also use as means to relieve you from headaches and other bone related pains.  Similarly, apart from standard applications, you can use the refined coconut oil cooking purpose. We also have had an article in the past on Where to Buy Coconuts. In fact, food that is cooked in coconut oil can be quite beneficial to your health.

Where to buy Coconut Oil Locally

Where to buy Coconut Oil at Grocery Stores

Since it is now widely available and good for many foods and recipes, you’ll find coconut oil in almost all grocery stores. In fact, both types of coconut oil can be found on most shopping marts and superstores near you. In case you don’t find coconut oil under the usual cooking oil category, try looking it under the “Ethnic Food” category under the Latin or Asian sections. All better grocery stores have coconut oil on their shelves.

Where to Buy Coconut Oil At Walmart?

Walmart needs no introduction and is considered by many as the biggest chain of supermarkets in the world. Upon visiting your nearest Walmart store, you’ll find a whole section dedicated to coconut oil. You’ll find several varieties such as pure coconut, extra virgin, cooking, organic, organic extra virgin, pure coconut, refined and unrefined among others. What I like is larger sizes that will save you a lot of money if you are using it for cooking and for adding to coffee etc.

Can I Buy Coconut Oil At Target?

Target is one of the biggest chain of supermarkets across North America and offers several brands of coconut oil. For instance, you’ll also find coconut oil extract, organic, and non-organic oil, and coconut skincare products driven by coconut oil, creams, and lotions among others on Target.

Where to buy Coconut Oil Online

Can I Buy Coconut Oil At Amazon?

The largest e-commerce store in the world, Amazon has everything available for buyers, including coconut oil and its byproducts. You’ll find many types of coconut oil including raw virgin, organic and non-organic, refined, pure, extra virgin, super refined for cooking purpose and several byproducts. Notably, Amazon has available the oil at cheaper rates compared to some other stores.

Can I Buy Coconut Oil At eBay Auction Site?

Unlike Amazon, eBay is primarily an auction site where sellers put their products up for sale. The best part about using eBay auction site is that you often end up getting the product at much cheaper rates than the market price. Coconut oil such as cooking, refined, virgin and extra virgin and other types are available in abundance at eBay auction store.

Can I Buy Coconut Oil At Etsy?

The Etsy site is not as good for buying the raw ingredient coconut oil but is good for buying unique items made from the oil like soap, balms, and aromatic rubs.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Coconut Oil and can find a place either locally or online that will get you this newly popular item you need at great price.





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