Where to Buy Chocolate Coins

Where to Buy Chocolate Coins

Chocolate coins are foil-covered candies that usually come bundled in a little bag or box. Some feature special designs or the presidential imagery that are on real coins, while others are just unadorned chocolate discs. Popular during holidays, the wrappings are usually gold or silver, but pink, blue, green, red, and orange foils are also available. There are bags of chocolates in assorted sizes, to further resemble mixed coins, and bags of all one size. In addition to several brick and mortar options that carry these treats, a few online sites are good places where to buy chocolate coins.

We have had a past shopping guide that help you know Where to Buy Chocolate in general.

Where to Buy Chocolate Coins Locally

Can I buy Chocolate Coins at Grocery Stores?

The candies are not often found in grocery stores at times other than during big holiday seasons. Check your local supermarkets when they put up their displays of seasonal chocolates and treats.

Can I buy Chocolate Coins at Party Stores?

Party supply stores may be a good resource when looking to buy chocolate coins, especially if you need bulk amounts, such as 50, or over 100. These stores also typically carry the coins in different foil colors, which may benefit coordinating an event theme. Look up options at the online Oriental Trading Company, and visit the nearest Party City, or search their online inventory.

Can I buy Chocolate Coins at Pharmacies?

Consider pharmacy/household shops such as Walgreen’s, CVS, and Rite-Aid for chocolate coins. Look for store-name sweets all year, and brand-name chocolate companies that produce coins at the holidays.

Can I buy Chocolate Coins at Walmart?

One-two pound mesh bags and plastic tubs of the sweets, as well as smaller packs of them, are available on Walmart’s online option. I do see some that show as buy instore only but they look like Easter or seasonal options. You might consider calling your Walmart to see if they have chocolate coins and where in the store to find them.

Can I buy Chocolate Coins at Target?

Target’s online inventory does include chocolates but does not seem to carry any chocolate coins.

Where to Buy Chocolate Coins Online

You can buy Chocolate Coins at Amazon

There is an extensive selection of confectioneries in bulk amounts at Amazon. Common descriptive names for these coins include pirate, treasure, Kennedy, and pot o’gold. We are seeing over 2500 options at the time of this writing.

You can buy Chocolate Coins on eBay

Find gift boxes and bags of variously sized and decorated milk chocolate coins at eBay.

Online Stores Dedicated to Chocolate Coins

When looking to buy chocolate coins, note that many online candy and treat companies include them with their product selections. Chocolatecoinz.com and foiledagainchocolate.com, however, are two sites that exclusively focus on edible currency shaped goodies. Both companies offer custom milk and dark chocolate designs and imprinted foils, and blogposts full of interesting information about chocolate and candy making.

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