Where to Buy Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce

Where To Buy Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce

Last updated on August 11th, 2023

If you’re a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants, then you’ll be excited to know where to buy Buffalo Wild Wings sauce to recreate those wings at home. So instead of taking the family out to dinner or ordering out for your next football hangout… make some chicken wings from the comfort of your own home and leave your guests oooing with delight while they enjoy your mouthwatering chicken wings smothered in BWW’s sauces.

Buying Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces Locally

Now if you’re looking to make some delectable wild tasting chicken wings tonight or you’ve taste buds are salivating too much to wait for Amazon’s 2 day Prime shipping… then don’t panic because I have a few local options for you as well.

You can get This at Kroger’s

So, as far as your local options go… a few BWW fans have mentioned being able to find Buffalo Wild Wings sauces at their local Kroger retail store. I’m not sure if you’ve got a Kroger near you, but if you do and you’re really wanting to make your very own chicken wings a.s.a.p… it might be worth a trip to the store.

Can you get Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce at Walmart

It seems that Walmart does carry this exact brand of wing sauce. You can also select your closest store in top navigation and see if they have this near you.

You can get Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce at the Official Stores

Another idea is to actually ask at your local Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. You can find your local Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant through their website. They are listing the 26 flavors of their sauces but it suggests you order them on wings. It does not seem you can order from their site or if all 26 are available in a bottle.

At the top right there is a “Find a B-DUB’s”, enter your zip in the box and hit the black arrow. The closest BWW to you will pop up on the screen.
I’ve got to admit something… I’ve never actually been to a Buffalo Wild Wings, but now that I’m writing about it – I’m adding it to my “restaurant’s to try” list.  So… personally I don’t know if Buffalo Wild Wings sells their sauces in the restaurant or not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. If they don’t typically sell their sauce in the restaurant, see if they would willing to sell you a bottle (just this once). Ask nicely and you may find luck to be on your side.

Where To Buy Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce Online

One thing I was surprised to find is that, Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t sell there sauces on their website, shocking? I know right!

But don’t get disheartened because I have other online sites that do and a few local places that you might find buffalo wild wings sauces as well.

Find a Great Selection on Amazon.com

You’ll find a good selection of Buffalo Wild Wings sauces on Amazon. Everything from Parmesan Garlic, Mild, Medium to Blazin’ With Ghost Pepper and everything in between. These delicious chicken wing sauces are sold individually for $12.95 with a few selection of 3 packs for around $26 dollars.

Where to Buy Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce on Ebay.com

Our other notorious ecommerce site has far beat Amazon with their BWW’s chicken wing sauce selection and prices. A few sellers claim to have every single flavor of chicken wing sauce that Buffalo Wild Wings has available. Prices range from $6.95-$11.50 for single bottles of sauce. You can also grab them in packs of; 2, 3, 4, 7 and even 10! If you don’t mind the wait.. I would suggest buying your wild wing sauces from Ebay for sure.

And unfortunately, that’s it… for both on and offline options in where to buy Buffalo Wild Wings sauces. But before you go, I do have one other exciting option. For all ya’ll DIYer’s… I’ve got a homemade wild wing sauce recipe for you!

Buffalo Wild Wings Copycat Recipes

Get ready to enjoy some wild wings tonight, ’cause I was able to find a copycat recipe site just for Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces! I’m sure if you’re a DIY kinda person then you’ve probably found these type of recipes for other chain restaurant items. You can get the recipes for 9 of BWW’s most popular chicken wing sauces here at the BlendTec.com website.

What’s your favorite Buffalo Wild Wings sauce flavor, let us know in the comments below.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce and can find the perfect flavor for your next party. If you liked this article please see our other food shopping guides.





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