Where to Buy Brine Bags

Where to Buy Brine Bags

Last updated on August 11th, 2023

Where to Buy Brine Bags might be a question you are having now since we are coming up to the Holidays. If you’re looking to cook the perfect turkey for the holidays, brine bags should be your go to item. Using brine bags while cooking your turkey will get your guests talking and not forgetting about how amazing the turkey tastes. That is because soaking poultry and meat in brine or salted water is a time tested method for improving flavor. You may also want to soak meats in other liquids like soaking a salty ham in milk to pull out the salty taste. Below we have several stores to buy brine bags online and offline.

Where to Buy Brine Bags in Physical Stores

Where to Buy Brine Bags at Walmart?

Walmart carries a variety of brine bags. Usually the brine bags are in with the cooking aisles. If your local Walmart doesn’t have them in stock, you can find them on the Walmart website and you can get them shipped to your home conveniently, just in time to make the perfect turkey for the holidays.

Bed Bath and Beyond is No More

Bed Bath and Beyond used to carry brine bags. But in July of 2023 all the stores closed and the website does not allow ordering. Even if they did I would not recommend it. Moving on….

Can I Get Brine Bags at Grocery Stores?

Depending on the grocery store in your area, you should be able to buy brine bags at your grocery store. If you have well-known grocery stores nearby, chances are you will be able to find brine bags right in the aisle with Ziploc bags. And you may already be going here to shop for your turkey or other items.

Where to Buy Brine Bags Online

Can Find them on Amazon?

You can find several brine bags on Amazon to make the tastiest ham or turkey. On Amazon, they carry individual brine bags or multi-packs, so you will be able to purchase what is more suitable for your needs. There are also versions of brine bags that are made to be a liner for a 5 gallon bucket which gives you a nice solid way to brine your turkey that is less likely to break and has a handle.

You Can Get Brine Bags on Cabela’s

Cabela’s used to carry brine bags that held up to a 25 lb. turkey. But I am not seeing it now. All I see are smaller bags for vacuum sealing.

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