Where to Buy a Menorah

Where to Buy a Menorah

When it comes to looking where to buy a menorah for Hanukkah, there is something for every taste and budget. You can buy a simple or an elaborate and ornate design. You can buy a classic or a more contemporary, modern design. You can also buy a menorah that is a unique art piece, and display it all year round in your living room. There are even electric menorahs out there, that use light bulbs instead of the traditional candles or oil, for those who are afraid of fire. A menorah can be made of metal or ceramic, can be small or large. Contemporary styles are often made of acrylic. Every Jewish home has at least one menorah, sometimes several. If you are planning to purchase a new menorah this year, the following are some of the options available in the market.

Where to Buy a Menorah at a Physical Store

Buy Menorah from Israel’s Judaica center in Toronto

This store is well known in Toronto and is specialized in all things related to the Jewish tradition. They carry high end menorahs: Some made of sterling silver, which brings up the price to over $2,000-, and some are artistic creations of exeptional beauty and value. The selection is limited, but this is an exclusive store with high quality authentic products. have a great holiday!

Buy a Menorah from New York City Store

There is a store in New York that has 475 different styles of menorahs currently. That store is Levine Judaica and they have a variety from several that cost thouands of dollars and some that are around $10. You may find other supplies you need like hanukkah candles there.

Where to Buy a Menorah Near You

There are Jewish supply stores in most larger cities in the United States and Canada. There may very well be one near you. Plus it is always good to frequent local stores and network with your community. You can search a keyword like “{Your city} jewish store” and most likely find a place near you that has menorah, candles, and other supplies.

Where to Buy a Menorah Online

Buy Menorah on Amazon

Amazon a thousands of menorahs of every kind and price on display, so i would suggest that you first decide how much you want to spend on it, decide what style you prefer, and then select one among the many that appeal to you. Allow for enough delivery time so you may need to ahead of the holiday. It is good to order in advance, in case you don’t like what you get and want to replace it. If you have Amazon Prime you can also filter by items that are in stock and offer free 2 day shipping to your location.

Buy Menorah on eBay

Ebay has a nice size selection like Amazon. There are a couple of advantages to buying on eBay:
1) You don’t have to use credit card, for those of you who don’t like to use it, or don’t have one.
2) You can buy vintage menorah, or a unique antique menorah from an individual who is selling it, rather than from a store. There are some rare finds of extraordinary beauty that you won’t find on amazon. You can buy copper and brass vintage menorah which cost about $33-, or you can buy a fancy silver and gold menorah that costs hundreds of dollars. A menorah can be a central piece of decor in your home. Personally, I like to buy a menorah that has been  produced in Israel, directly from the country of origin. In this way I can support Israel and get an authentic piece from an Israeli artist.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy a Menorah and can find the Menorah that you are proud to use and display.





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