Where to Buy a Cooked Turkey for Thanksgiving

Where to buy a Cooked Turkey for Thanksgiving

If you are getting cold feet about defrosting and baking your own turkey you may be looking for a place where to buy a cooked turkey for Thanksgiving. Does the thought of a messy kitchen, a sink with a defrosting turkey and the trouble of brining a turkey for hours make you want to skip the Thanksgiving cooking tradition? If you are reluctant to prepare an entire feast and want to have the main dish done for you, consider ordering a pre-cooked turkey. Below is a list of places where you can get a cooked turkey quickly and easily. These make for effort-free Thanksgiving meal options as most sell other dishes besides Turkey.

Where to Buy a Cooked Turkey for Thanksgiving Locally

Where to Buy Cooked Turkey at Publix

Along with their wide selection of southern side dishes, Publix is accepting online and in store pre-orders for a deliciously pre-cooked turkey. They have approximately 1,000 stores in the Southeast USA.


With the instacart delivery option, your holiday meal can be delivered right to your door in less than two hours. This is the ultimate stress free meal option. They have approximately 24 stores in the Los Angeles area.

Where to buy a Cooked Turkey for Thanksgiving at Whole Foods Market

Organic and all natural options are abundant at this natural foods market. They can provide a Thanksgiving feast without genetically modified ingredients at most of their locations. They also have prepared ready to eat foods year round like roast beef, chicken, and vegetable dishes.

Harris Teeter Prepared Turkies

With selections such as; cranberry relish, green bean casserole and a savory roasted Turkey this grocery chain’s menu is sure to please any hungry family. They have approximately 10 stores near Washington DC.

Bojangles Restaurants

During the holiday season, the southern fast food chain is accepting orders for their famous fried Thanksgiving turkey. With more information about this meal on this page. They have hundreds of locations all on the East Coast and you should order ahead as these usually sell out.

Trader Joes Supermarket

This exotic, natural food store offers three options for your holiday dinner: A turkey breast complete with cornbread stuffing, a rotisserie baked turkey and a whole roasted turkey. There are hundreds of these great stores nationwide.

Where to Buy a Cooked Turkey at Fresh Market

Fresh Market Offers antibiotic-free, natural options such as spiral baked honey ham and turkey, your family can savor an all-natural meal. They have 176 stores in 24 states.

Where to Buy a Cooked Turkey for Thanksgiving Online

Honey Baked Ham

The Honey Baked Ham store is famous for its succulent spiral glazed ham but they also offer oven roasted or smoked turkey breast for your Thanksgiving needs. They have stores nationwide but also tend to sell out. You should order now if you want something from them, this is their busiest time of year. You did want to have ham and turkey right?

You can get them at Costco

The famous “Buy in bulk” store Costco can enhance your holiday meal selection with their classically seasoned ready to eat turkey. Also a great place to get large quantities of all the other items you will need this holiday season.
Whatever your reason for wanting a pre-cooked meal this Thanksgiving, you can take advantage of one of these options to make your festivities as easy as possible. When someone else does the cooking, you can focus on spending time with your love ones instead of worrying about making the perfect meal.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy a Cooked Turkey for Thanksgiving and can get that perfect main dish that so many people worry about cooking each year





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